Our Fall Hours:
We are open 10am-5pm everyday, weather permitting.

If the weather is not being cooperative we may close for the day as the animals usually prefer to hide inside during inclement weather.

Please call to double check: 250-390-2435

Under 2yrs Old


Regular Admission

  • plus gst
  • 2 yrs and older


  • plus gst
  • 65 yrs and older

Single Season Pass

  • Year Long Mini Access
  • plus gst
  • Covers 1 Individual

Family Season Pass

$19495 annually
  • Year Long Mini Access
  • plus gst
  • Up to 5 family Members


$14995reservation (base price)

*Please no noisemakers (party favors). They can spook the animals.

Some Rules & Advice

  • Hands must be washed before and after visiting animals.
  • No dogs permitted near our animal pens. They can spook our animals which can cause injuries to animals or people.
  • We suggest wearing closed toe shoes, but not necessary.
  • We do not allow the animals to be picked up; they will climb in to your lap, and they enjoy a scratch or a pet.
  • Don’t wear any clothes that you love.
  • Please, no chasing, yelling at, or hitting animals. Visitors will see typical animal behaviour which may not always look like they are playing nicely. It is part of normal animal behaviour and should not be punished.
  • Keep in mind these are our pets, we do ask that you treat them with kindness and respect.
  • We are stroller friendly but do recommend leaving strollers at the front to make maneuvering through the paddocks easier.
  • Most importantly – Have fun!