This basket was designed by one of our very talented employees a few years ago. This year, we have added some of our popular favourites to this basket in order to make it even more spectacular. We can’t wait to share this dreamy showstopper of a basket with you! Simple, yet elegant, this SUN/SHADE MIX basket is a simply beautiful design of green and silver foliage, trailing coleus, moody dark ipomeas, gorgeous petunias, and cascading cream coloured begonias.

These baskets are now available for pre-booking! Designed with fabulous foliage and bright flowers, they will make provide your homes’ patio or awning with a pop of colour! They sell out in advance every year, so be sure to order yours for pick up after May 26th (if baskets are ready sooner we will let you know).

Please note, these images were taken mid-summer. Your basket will not be as filled out upon pick-up, meaning you may very well still see some of the wire frame or moss. We have timed the finish of your baskets so that they will flourish under your care and provide several months of colour and growth. Proper care of your baskets will result in a healthy, long-lasting baskets that will bloom well into the fall.

Images posted here are from our greenhouse during grow out, and from one of our residential clients.

*Available for pickup May 26, 27, 28 between the hours of 10am and 5pm* Please bring your booking confirmation.

Care instructions: pinch as needed, water often, fertilize every 3rd watering. A basket that is not fed and watered regularly will not provide the show of colour that they are capable of. Your basket will provide months of colour and blooms if well taken care of.